Notre monde pharma

Notre Monde Pharma is a healthcare pharmaceutical company that was established in 2019 as a reliable healthcare partner to meet our patients’ needs by offering integrated innovative solutions.
Notre Monde start was the outcome of joining a group of shareholders from several countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, and others) pooling their minds and efforts to provide reliable brands that deliver the best care.


Become a global healthcare organization recognized as a domestic and internationally integrated pharmaceutical company through innovation, quality, and competence.

Create a healthy smile on the face of every patient for a life full of happiness and hope paving the way to gain our community, partners, and patients’ trust.

Notremonde Vision


Deliver innovative, high-quality, and effective products for enhancing patient quality of life.

Cooperate with medical professionals to deliver the best possible health care service to our community.


At Notre Monde Pharma, we aim to make a positive difference in the health and lives of people. We value HOPE.

Honesty and integrity.
Orientation towards customers.

NotreMonde Values